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  • InceptCoin is an asset-backed transactional cryptocurrency to enable transactions globally and also within the reach of many for wealth creation in the developing world.
  • InceptCoin’s goal is to comply with the new ISO 20022 protocols for cryptocurrencies and the emerging Quantum Financial System.
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The core ICC token is underpinned by digitized...

The core ICC token is underpinned by digitized precious metal assets, digitized in-ground minerals, and government-backed securities stored in the Incept Digital Asset Management System.

Mobile App

A future App is under development...

A future App under development with a telecom provider will allow potential access to nearly 1.7 billion people without banking services through a global money transfer agency.

Consumer Focused

InceptCoinis a retail consumer-focussed...

InceptCoin is a retail consumer-focussed, debt-free, asset-backed, and easy-to-use cryptocurrency ecosystem based on the proof-of-stake TRC-20 blockchain protocol.

Fast and Effiecient

Since the token is asset-backed.....

Since the token is asset-backed the smart contracts are fast and energy efficient and do not require data mining.

Instant Exchange

InceptCoin has developed its own exchange ICCEX...

InceptCoin has developed its own exchange ICCEX that allows a reflection of its assets and its own payment gateway that allows its stored value to be exchanged for products and services.

Secure Wallet

Inception Coin offers a secure wallet...

Inception coin offers a secure wallet to make transactions more secure for every consumer. Inceptcoin maintains user privacy through the secure wallet.



Only 3% of the world's population uses cryptocurrency with InceptCoin at the front of the disruptive wave.

  • True peer-to-peer payments anywhere in the world.
  • Minimal transaction fees and processing time compared to traditional banking.
  • Financial privacy via pseudonymous payments between parties.
  • Non-reversible transactions prevent chargebacks and fraud.
  • Security via deeply encrypted wallets and systems.
  • Protection from viruses and Trojans.
  • Removal of artificial barriers in banking caused by legacy financial institutions for universal access.
  • The benefits of sustainable development in its future asset base.
  • The significant upside with future monetization of underpinning assets.


  • Asset backed simplified smart contracts under the TRC-20 proof-of-stake third generation protocol blockchain. This is a transaction-focused protocol. ICC uses a modern proof-of-stake consensus protocol that provides evidence-based development, unparalleled security, and very low energy consumption allowed by asset-backed smart contracts.
  • The new blockchain protocol features a dynamic, layer-1 programmable interface that can be used by any developers. The system features a purpose-build smart-contract engine and massive scalability, enabling sub-second transactions at massive scale and with very low fees. The speed and scale is provided by a unique consensus mechanism knows as ‘proof of history’.v
  • ICCEX followed by cross-listing on major international exchanges.
  • Supported through Incept Digital Asset Management by globally relevant finished precious metal assets, such as copper, nickel, gold and lithium further supported by Government-backed securities the value of which will increase as all the assets are monetised. In-ground resources can also be pledged by digitisation using satellite resonance technology and financed to production in the Asset Manager to increase value for token holders.
  • ICC tokens will not carry any debt or obligations. A staking App can be introduced in some developing countries on consent basis through an external organisation, to provide regular income to token holders but the blockchain will not carry this obligation.
  • Deposit and withdraw national currency (fiat) securely and at low cost with leading payment providers. ICC has developed its own E-commerce payment platform for exchange of tokens with product and services. ICC has been accepted for payment by a number of public institutions for payment for services and goods.
  • The ICC Exchange & Wallet will be an atomic-swap, decentralized exchange such as ICCEX, and wallet APP (mobile and web) that will allow users to readily swap between ICC-based tokens and leading cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, XRP, and leading NFT’s).
  • ICC is cryptographically scarce, digitized in-ground, and finished precious-metal-backed tokens in addition to Government-backed securities fully digitized in an Incept Digital Asset Management.
  • ICC tokens are fast, easy and cheap way to move money anywhere, anytime without expensive, cumbersome intermediaries.
  • ICC has access to an existing database of tens of millions of people and has contracts in place to on-board 200 million addressable users. This provides for a significant ICC community and interaction through social media which will be added to the platform.

The procedure to load the Tronlink wallet is on the website. In the future it will be fully compatible with major international exchanges and the accounts will be interchangeable.

ICC Is listed on sunswap exchange and ready to trade.

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